IMF and World Bank Annual Meeting Discusses Block Chain’s Potential (and what comes out of it)

Recent discussion on the IMF and World Bank meeting has brought up the subject of bitcoin and the benefits of blockchain (
It seems that the comments made were all in skeptical tone rather than enthusiastic however there a few very positive aspects of the event.
First is the fact that bitcoin has finally made its way right to the top of the banking financial system and is being treated as a game changing technology which undermines current financial paradigm.
Second is that those skeptics actually are not fully aware what bitcoin actually is. What has traspired from the meeting were the comparisons made by some of the bankers referring to Esperanto. This is absolutely missing the nature and role for Bitcoin in the financial system. It is simply capable of creating entirely new and free sectors of economy based on cryptography. Recent remarks on bitcoin made by the most prominent businessmen like Bill Gates or Richard Branson confirm it is perceived as a new technology that in the future will change and replace many of today’s financial services.
Our impression is that the tone discussing bitcoin is reminding us of the Politbiuro meetings held in the last months before the collapse of communism in the Eastern Europe. We have heard this kind of talk before. And we know what it means.


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